Internal Demos

Learned Index Structure

Demonstration application of the concept of Learned Index Structure for similarity search is here. This application provides searching in the AlphaFold database of 240 million proteins. The paper to cite will be published in Nucleic Acids Research journal soon.

The previous version of the application was based on the paper
Learned Indexing in Proteins: Substituting Complex Distance Calculations with Embedding and Clustering Techniques by Oľha, Jaroslav, Slanináková, Terézia, Gendiar, Martin, Antol, Matej and Dohnal, Vlastislav, in Proceedings of Similarity Search and Applications, 15th International Conference, SISAP 2022. Springer, pp. 274-282. ISBN 978-3-031-17848-1. doi:10.1007/978-3-031-17849-8_22.

Motion data visualizations

Two motion exploration interfaces that can be presented to public:

Related web page: Motion Data Visualization. Paper Visual Exploration of Human Motion Data. Petra Budikova, Daniel Klepac, David Rusnak, and Milan Slovak. SISAP 2022.

Internal tools for viewing motion data: