Motion Data Processing Research Group

Current motion-capturing technologies (e.g., Microsoft Kinect, Vicon Vantage, Asus Xtion…) record human motions at high frame-per-second rates. Motions are recorded as a series of 3D coordinates of body joints in space and time. The recorded motion data can be processed and utilized in a variety of applications, for example, in sports for comparing the performance of athletes, in security for identifying special-interest persons, and in medicine for determining the success of rehabilitative treatments. All these applications require effective and efficient (sub)motion-to-motion similarity matching.

Applied research project VisioTherapy: Supporting physiotherapy treatments using computer-based movement analysis focuses on developing VisioTherapy software to support patients and physiotherapists during rehabilitation therapy. The software will use AI technologies to obtain movement data from exercise videos and further compare and analyze this data.

This research is led by Jan Sedmidubský.