The PPP-Codes is an indexing structure for fast approximate nearest neigbor search in generic metric spaces. A typical general strategy to retrieve the most similar objects to a given example is to access and then refine a candidate set of objects; the overall search costs (and search time) then typically correlate with the candidate set size. The PPP-Codes combines several independent indexes by aggregating their candidate sets in such a way that the resulting candidate set can be one or two orders of magnitude smaller (while keeping the answer quality). The index is used in the latest large-scale demo.

The following paper about PPP-Codes was accepted and others should follow:

  • Novak, D., & Zezula, P. (2014). Rank Aggregation of Candidate Sets for Efficient Similarity Search. In Proceedings of DEXA 2014 (pp. 1–17).

If you use this library for academic purposes, please, refer the publication.

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The package is a Java Maven project:


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