NoSQL Databases, Fall 2019 – Group Projects

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Students will work in groups on a project during the second half of the semester. This is a requirement for finishing the course successfully.

Idea behind the Group Projects

  • There are hundreds of “NoSQL” technologies.
  • During the course, we will describe in detail some 6-8 technologies: HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Riak, Infinispan, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j
  • The students will explore other NoSQL database systems or other Big Data technologies, study their functionality, actually work with them, and present the findings to the others in the end of the semester.


  • Students will form up to 12 groups of two-to-four people.
  • Each group will pick any NoSQL technology (or other technology for Big Data processing) that is not discussed in the course in detail (approved by the lecturer, different than other groups picked). Inspiration:
    • write me an email with names within the group and with the preferred technology (or technologies) by Oct 11, 2019. The technology will be assigned on the FCFS basis!
  • The work will cover three areas:
    • Study the functionality of the system (objectives, key features, drawbacks, etc.)
    • Download, run and play with the system (practical work with the system)
      • It includes creating a demo app showing the main outcomes.
    • Prepare a presentation containing findings about the system

Groups and Topics

The projects will be presented on the last three lectures —   (12/05/2019, 12/12/2019, 12/19/2019). Please register for the date in the exam dates agenda in IS (one person per team please!).

Maximum time for a presentation is 25 minutes plus about 5 mins discussion.


1Josef Podaný, David Procházka, Matěj Tužil, Maroš DubínyRedis12/05PDF
2Miriama Jánošová, Petra Rebrošová, Michal ČerveňanskýGremlin12/19PDF
3Do Long Thanh, Michal Mrnuštík, Adrián Tóth, Ondřej NovákFirebase Realtime Database12/05PDF
4Matúš Raček, Adam Vaňko, Dominik Pilár, Jakub HavrilaElasticSearch 12/19PDF
5Iuliia Gurianova, Nikoleta Češeková, Bibiána Ťureková, Maroš KopecCouchbase12/12PDF
6Lukáš Dvořák, Jan Hermann, Vojtěch Kaňa, Martin ToufarOrientDB12/05PDF
7Evann De Bailliencourt, Hamaili Stéphane, Amaia Penyacaricano, Aiym RaikhanovaRavenDB12/12PDF
8Daniel Charvát, Denisa Šrámková, Viliam Juríček, Šimon BerkaDynamoDB12/19PDF