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Our laboratory has developped several prototype applications that employ the similarity-based data processing and address various real-world problems. The prototypes allow us to verify the design of our methods and to demonstrate the wide applicability of similarity searching. We maintain the following demos in several application areas:

Image Similarity Search

Visual search on 20 million images from Profiset collection using descriptors from deep convolutional neural networks… read more

Image visual search on 100 million images from CoPhIR dataset using five MPEG-7 visual descriptors… read more

Image Annotation

Online image annotation system using a knowledge base of 20 million annotated images from Profiset collection with neural net image features… read more

Desktop application for creating text and image summarizations of personal photo collections… read more & download application

Subsequence Matching

Searching for similar subsequences in the 50 Words dataset of time series… read more

Motion Capture Data Processing

Using multiple points of interest in 3D recordings of human motion, our technology is able to efficiently localize similar movements (sub-motions). The technology is integrated within MotionMatch and MMPI web applications… read more

Using extracted features from walk cycles of human motion, persons are identified by the way they walk… read more

Persons are identified by considering two modalities — face image features and the way of walking… read more

Face Retrieval

The FaceMatch technology integrates multiple face detection and recognition methods to efficiently search for similar faces… read more