NoSQL Databases – Group Projects 2017

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Students will work in groups on a project during the second half of the semester. This is a requirement for finishing the course successfully.

Idea of the Project

  • There are hundreds of “NoSQL” technologies.
  • During the course, we will describe in detail some 6-8 technologies: HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Riak, Infinispan, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j, Impala + Hive, ElasticSearch
  • The students will explore other NoSQL database systems or other Big Data technologies, study their functionality, actually work with them, and present the findings to the others in the end of the semester.


  • Students will form up to 12 groups of two-four people.
  • Each group will pick any NoSQL technology (or other technology for Big Data processing) that is not discussed in the course in detail (approved by the teacher, different than other groups picked). Inspiration:
    • write me an email with names within the group and with the preferred technology (or technologies)
  • The work will cover these three areas:
    • Study the functionality of the system (objectives, key features, drawbacks, etc.)
    • Download, run and play with the system (practical work with the system)
    • Prepare a presentation containing findings about the system

Groups and Topics

The projects will be presented on the following three lecture dates: 4/25/2017 (four presentations), 5/9/2017 (four presentations), 5/16/2017 (two presentations).

The maximal time for a presentation (including discussion): 25 minutes.

# Members Topic Date Slides
1 Tomáš Schmidl, Róbert Ťaptík, Matej Šípka DynamoDB 5/9/2017
2 Jan Tomášek, Jan Kalfus, Daniela Plachtová, Karel Vaculík Redis 4/25/2017 link
3 Jiří Mauritz, Michael Šimáček, Tomáš Válka, Chadi Geara ElasticSearch 5/16/2017 link
4 Marko Mičo, Aleš Kopecký, Norbert Fábián, Martin Vrábel Apache Kafka 5/16/2017 PDF
5 Michal Le, Peter Petkanič, Mário Kudoláni CouchDB 4/25/2017 PDF
6 Matúš Macko, Martin Schvarcbacher Apache Giraph 5/9/2017 PDF
7 Dominik Veselý, Ondřej Směták PostgreSQL 4/25/2017 link
8 Mojmír Odehnal, Ludovít Labaj Hazelcast 4/25/2017 PDF
9 Martin Galajda, Lenka Janečková Firebase 5/9/2017 PDF
10 Ali Hassan, Abdallah Altrabeishi, Omar Abunwer, Monther Alhusaini RavenDB 5/9/2017 PPTX