An important part of my work has always been implementation of prototypes, especially of indexing and searching mechanisms for efficient large-scale similarity search. These implementations have the following purpose:

  • verification of new proposals (performance testing),
  • backend of various prototype applications created at DISA lab,
  • fully-functional and reliable implementations used within our application projects.

I took part especially in the following software projects, mostly written in Java:

  • PPP-Codes – a new fast approximate metric index based on combination of several pivot spaces
  • M-Index – a precise and approximate metric-based index based on principles of hashing data to a single-dimensional domain
  • Distributed M-Index – an older implementation of indexing structure for distributed and parallel similarity searching
  • SMF – Subsequence Matching Framework (SMF) is a versatile framework for prototyping, building and testing applications employing subsequence matching approaches
  • M-Chord – a structured Peer-to-peer network for distributed similarity search
  • MESSIF (Metric Similarity Search Implementation Framework) – framework designed to support the process of building prototypes of metric-based indexeding techniques