I have participated in a dozen national and international research and application projects.

  • National research projects:
    • Center of Excellence on Multi-modal Data Interpretation on a Very Large Scale, 2012-2018, Czech Science Foundatation GBP103/12/G084
    • Content-based Image Retrieval on the Web Scale, 2010-2012, Czech Science Foundataion GAP103/10/0886
    • Similarity Search with Constant Scalability, 2010-2012, Czech Science Foundataion, Post-graduate grant GPP202/10/P220
    • Similarity Searching in Very Large Multimedia Databases, 2009-2011, Czech Science Foundataion GAP201/09/0683
  • International projects
    • SAPIR: Search In Audio Visual Content Using Peer-to-peer IR, 2006-2009, European Union FP6 project IST-045128
    • DELOS: Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, 2003-2007, European Union project IST-507618
  • Application projects
    • Efficient Search in Large-Scale Biometrical Data, 2012-2015, Ministry of Interior of CR
    • Multimedia Analysis, 2010-2014, Ministry of Interior of CR