NoSQL Databases 2014 – Group Projects

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Students will work in groups on a project during the second half of the semester. This is a requirement for finishing the course successfully.

Idea of the Project

  • There are hundreds of “NoSQL” technologies and dozens of them are widely used.
  • During the course, we will describe in detail about 6 technologies.
  • The students will explore other NoSQL database systems, study their functionality, actually work with them, and present the findings to the others in the end of the semester.


  • Students should form groups of two-three people.
  • Each group will pick any NoSQL technology that is not discussed in the course in detail (approved by the teacher, different than other groups picked).
    • write me an email with names within the group and with the preferred technology (or technologies)
  • The work will cover these three areas:
    • Study the functionality of the system (objectives, key features, drawbacks, etc.)
    • Download, run and play with the system (practical work with the system)
    • Prepare a presentation containing findings about the system (15 minutes including discussion)

Groups and Topics

Suggested topics (not exhaustive list): Amazon (AWS) Elastic Map Reduce, Elastic Search, MemCached, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Berkley DB, CouchDB, HBase, OrientDB, Apache Giraph. Other systems:

# Members Topic Date Slides
1 Vyhnánek, Katuščák, Holuša Redis store 3/12/2014 slides,
Redis commands
3 Drábek, Zvoníček, Škrášek RocksDB 3/12/2014 Google Docs slides
6 Míč, Nálepa Spanner 3/12/2014 slides
8 Vaško, Simander RavenDB 3/12/2014 MS PP slides
2 Galád, Čecháček Elasticsearch (+ Kibana) 17/12/2014 slides, demo
4 Dakavelli, Baghdasaryan, Alzoubi DynamoDB 17/12/2014 slides,
5 Skopal, Weiser, Senko PostgreSQL 17/12/2014 Google Docs slides
7 Sedlák, Majchrovičová, Hrubý Titan 17/12/2014 Google Docs slides
9 Madueno Apache CouchDB 17/12/2014