NoSQL Databases, Fall 2014

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Course PA195- NoSQL Databases was prepared during 2014 and is taught in the Autumn semester. On this web page, you can find basic informatin about the course, list of lectures with available materials, assignment of the group projects, and list of various online sources on the topic of NoSQL; here is a link to course page on IS. Autumn 2014: lectures on Wednesdays at 2pm in B410; organization of the course

Course Sylabus

The course covers 1) the principles behind the NoSQL databases, such as chapters from modern distributed database theory, P2P indexing or the MapReduce programming model, 2) architectures and common features of the main types of NoSQL databases (key-value stores, document databases, column-family stores, graph databases), 3) detailed description of selected NoSQL database systems including practical experience.

Completion Requirements

The course is scheduled as a two-hour seminar once a week. The enrolled students are required to attend the seminar (up to 3 absences tolerated). During the semester, students will form groups (of three) to work on projects; successful presentation of the project results is the second requirement to pass the course.


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