Topics For Final Theses

The following lists enumerates open topics for final theses that are available in the MU Information System. If you are interested in working on a topic related to our laboratory but have not found anything suitable in this list, we encourage you to contact the lab members directly and arrange a new theme.

If you feel your thesis is really cool and the results are outstanding, you may consider registering the thesis at Diplomová práce roku and win a prize.

Available Topics

Bachelor Theses:
  • Algorithms for detecting boundary objects in a set of images (supervisor: Vlastislav Dohnal)
    Study existing algorithm (e.g. BORDER, BRIM and FVDM), implement them in Java and run experiments on a real-life and synthetic data collections.
  • Instance selection problem in image collections (supervisor: Vlastislav Dohnal)
    Dense areas of images should detected and a representative image should be selected. The procedure of Expansion Rate of a ball can be applied to get dense areas, as used in M. Houle, M. Nett: Rank Cover Trees for Nearest Neighbor Search, SISAP 2013.
Master Theses:
Doctoral Theses:
  • Finding Communities in Network-Structured Data (supervisor: prof. Ing. Pavel Zezula, CSc.):
    Networks provide a powerful way to study complex systems of interacting objects where nodes denote objects (people, proteins, or webpages) and edges between the objects denote interactions (friendships, physical interactions, links). Nodes in the networks organize into communities, which often correspond to groups of nodes that share a common property, role, or function, such as functionally related proteins, social communities, or topically related pages – communities in networks can even overlap. The objective of the studies is to explore and develop scalable techniques able to find such communities in large graphs.

To illustrate the scope of final thesis topics offered by DISA, we also provide an overview of current theses and a selection of final theses that have been completed under DISA supervision in the past.

Current Theses

Bachelor Theses:
Master Theses:

Past Theses (selection)

Bachelor Theses:
Master Theses: