Selected publications

  • Zezula, Pavel – Amato, Giuseppe – Dohnal, Vlastislav – Batko, Michal. Similarity Search: The Metric Space Approach. 2005. New York, NY 10013, USA : Springer, 2005. 220 pages. Advances in Database Systems, Vol. 32. ISBN 0-387-29146-6. The first monograph on the topic of metric-based similarity searching. In 2006, the authors of this book received the Rector’s Award for Outstanding Creative Activity. More information
  • Michal Batko – David Novak – Pavel Zezula: MESSIF: Metric Similarity Search Implementation Framework. Digital Libraries: Research and Development, LNCS 4877, pp 1-10, 2007. full paper
  • Michal Batko – Fabrizio Falchi – Claudio Lucchese – David Novak – Raffaele Perego – Fausto Rabitti – Jan Sedmidubský – Pavel Zezula: Building a web-scale image similarity search system. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 47(3):599-629, 2010. full paper
  • David Novak – Michal Batko – Pavel Zezula: Metric Index: An efficient and scalable solution for precise and approximate similarity search. Information Systems, 36(4):721-733, 2011. full paper
  • Míč, Vladimír – Novák, David – Zezula, Pavel. Binary Sketches for Secondary Filtering. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, New York: ACM Press, 2018, roč. 37, č. 1, s. “1:1”-“1:28”. ISSN 1046-8188. doi:10.1145/3231936. full paper

Complete list of DISA publications

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