NoSQL Databases 2016

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Course PA195 – NoSQL Databases in Spring 2016 has lectures on Mondays at 8am in A217 at FI MU.

Course Sylabus

The course covers: 1) the principles behind the NoSQL databases, such as chapters from modern distributed database theory, P2P indexing or the MapReduce programming model; 2) architectures and common features of the main types of NoSQL databases (key-value stores, document databases, column-family stores, graph databases); 3) detailed description of selected NoSQL database systems including practical experience; 4) other topics related to Big Data and non-relational databases (data analytics, DB in web browser, influence of NoSQL to relational databases, etc.)

Completion Requirements

The course is scheduled as a two-hour lecture once a week and two-hour seminars once every two weeks. The enrolled students are strongly encouraged to attend the lectures and required to attend the seminars (only formal excuses accepted; if necessary, you can attend seminar the other week; other cases will be solved individually). During the semester, students will form groups to work on projects; successful presentation of the project results is the second requirement to pass the course.


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  • Sadalage, P. J., & Fowler, M. (2012). NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence. Addison-Wesley Professional, 192 p.