Intelligent Systems for Complex Data Research Group

We find patterns in data and mine information from complexity

Research & Research Areas

We are a team of researchers at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, specializing in complex data analysis. As part of the DISA laboratory and in close collaboration with the CERIT-SC centre, we aim to discover patterns within vast amounts of complex data.

We tackle unique challenges ranging from exploring patterns in images to the intricate analysis of complex biological structures such as proteins. Our ambition is to redefine the boundaries of effective and efficient processing of large datasets by leveraging our proficiency in machine learning, data mining, and clustering techniques.

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We've introduced a Learned Metric Index – an index for complex, unstructured or high-dimensional data built as a structure of machine-learning models. 

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We develop our own application for searching in proteins by their structural similarity called AlphaFind.​

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Adhering to the Open Science principles, we publish our work without restrictions, and the Learned Metric Index Framework is available online on GitHub.

Our Collaborations and Outreach

In our team, we strive to develop cooperation with other research teams from both Czechia and abroad. Our most prominent partners are:

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Information Systems and Data Mining Research Group, CAU University of Keil, Germany. Together with Prof. Dr. Peer Kruger and his group, we investigate modern techniques for indexing, searching and solving (reverse) kNN data retrieval techniques.

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Biological Data Management and Analysis Core Facility of the Central European Institute of Technology. Together, we work on the application of learned indexing to searching in protein structures produced by Alphafold.

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Engineers from e-INFRA CZ (specifically centre CERIT-SC) help us with fine-tuning our algorithms and running our experiments, often requiering non-trivial know-how and computing power. 

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Selected Publications

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We are searching for new colleagues for various positions who would work with us on exciting projects, develop unique software and solve unconventional problems. In case of interest, contact is at dohnal(at) or antol(at)


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