D-index related

My PhD. thesis contains everything about D-index:

[Dohnal, 2004] Dohnal, V. (2004). Indexing Structures for Searching in Metric Spaces. PhD thesis, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Main journal paper about D-index:

[Dohnal et al., 2003a] Dohnal, V., Gennaro, C., Savino, P., and Zezula, P. (2003a). D-Index: Distance searching index for metric data sets. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 21(1):9–33. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

The idea of D-index is based on hashing:

[Gennaro et al., 2001] Gennaro, C., Savino, P., and Zezula, P. (2001). Similarity search in metric databases through hashing. In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Multimedia 2001 Workshop on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR 2001), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, October 5, 2001, pages 1–5. ACM Press.

D-index's partitioning is based on ball partitioning. Other possibilities are discussed here:

[Dohnal et al., 2001] Dohnal, V., Gennaro, C., Savino, P., and Zezula, P. (2001). Separable splits in metric data sets. In Celentano, A., Tanca, L., and Tiberio, P., editors, Proceedings of the 9th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (SEBD 2001), Venezia, Italy, June 27-29, 2001, pages 45–62. LCM Selecta Group - Milano.

Similarity joins - extension called eD-index is capable of answering similarity joins:

[Dohnal et al., 2003b] Dohnal,V., Gennaro, C., and Zezula, P. (2003b). Similarity join in metric spaces using eD-Index. In Marık, V., Retschitzegger, W., and Stepankova, O., editors, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2003), Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-5, 2003, volume 2736 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 484–493. Springer.

Additional Sources

Pivot choosing techniques used in D-index

[Bustos et al., 2001] B. Bustos, G. Navarro, and E. Chavez. Pivot Selection Techniques for Proximity Searching in Metric Spaces. Proceedings of the XXI Conference of the Chielan Computer Science Society (SCCC01), IEEE CS Press, pp. 33-40, 2001.

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