Call For Post-doc

Post-doctoral open call at DISA lab,
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University

The laboratory of Data Intensive Systems and Applications (DISA) is seeking a candidate for Post-doctoral positions. The broad scope of DISA is to explore theories and technologies for next generation similarity search. This should be able to deliver relevant information effectively and efficiently to interested parties in the presence of exponentially growing volume, variety, and velocity of digital data. The DISA objectives are foundational in nature – we address the theoretical limits of similarity search in context of the Big Data Problem, considering the multimedia data as the primary proof of concept platform. The laboratory includes not only active researchers working on projects, but closely cooperates with students and disseminates results in practice.

The topics and objectives of the DISA lab can be summarized as follows:
- databases and data processing
- similarity indexing and searching
- content-based multimedia retrieval
- similarity data analytics
- processing of biometric data (movement characteristics, processing Motion Capture Data)

The postdoctoral positions are awarded for one year with an extension to the second year after a review. Gross salary is 50,000 CZK per month which, with an optional 10% bonus, sums to more than 25,500 EUR per year. Additional funds of 4,000 EUR per year will be available for travel and material expenses. Preferred start date of the contract is in January 2019, but other options can be negotiated.

Deadline for application

September 30, 2018


Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree not older than 4 years at the time of application, from a university outside of the Czech and Slovak Republics. In case that the Ph.D. defense is not yet finished, the candidate must also provide an official letter certifying that his/her Ph.D. thesis has already been submitted for defense and outlining the expected schedule of the Ph.D. defense. Candidates with a Ph.D. degree from a Czech or Slovak university may also be considered if they prove at least two years of post-doctoral research experience abroad.


All candidates are expected to be fluent in English, whereas any prior knowledge of Czech is not required. Candidates will be evaluated on the ground of their strong international research record, and preference will be given to those whose research areas match the research directions of DISA lab, since the call requires a statement that a DISA lab member is willing to co-operate on the selected topic.

Procedure of applying

Applications must be submitted electronically to
The applicants should provide the following documents with their application:

  • an academic CV, a list of publications, and a motivation letter;
  • a scanned copy of the Ph.D. diploma, or a letter certifying submission of doctoral thesis for the defense;
  • one external reference letter, and
  • one support letter (expression of interest) from a member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University.

In case the letters cannot be attached by the applicant him/herself, they may be sent to the e-mail address below.
All interested applicants are advised to informally contact their expected host research groups at the Faculty of Informatics well ahead of submitting their application.


You may contact the lab head directly: prof. Pavel Zezula, or assoc. prof. Vlastislav Dohnal, Please use the subject “Postdoc 2018”.